Club Games in Unit 551

Pair games

Pair games are the usual fare at bridge clubs. You play with the same partner for the entire session. A typical session lasts 3 to 3-1/2 hours, during which you will play 24-28 deals.
The entry fee at the La Fetra Club is $7 for the open pairs games; contact the club manager, Tom Lill, for information on EasyBridge and lessons.

The club game schedule at La Fetra is:
At the La Fetra Center, 333 E. Foothill Blvd., Glendora:


Because of the COVID-19 mess, all our games are currently on hold. The La Fetra center is closed until at least ??. There's no word on either the City of Glendora or the La Fetra web sites as to this. The Knights of Columbus is closed "until further notice." Und zo, we won't be giving out the Mini-McKenney awards until the next scheduled Unit game, whenever that might be. The Individual is expected to resume on in July 4. No telling when the Unit game can resume. Stay tuned to this station for further important announcements.


The Monthly Individual is held (usually) on the first Saturday of each month, 9:30 a.m.
Make sure you check HERE before heading over to play!

Entry fee is depends! We ask each player to bring a small something (edible, that is) to share. In that case, the entry fee is only $1. If you choose not to bring something, the entry fee is $4. NOTE: the entry fee for STaC games is $4, regardless, because the sanction fee for these games is ruinous.

The schedule for the near future is:

Directions to the club game sites:

La Fetra Center:

From the 210 Freeway Eastbound: Exit at Grand. Go North on Grand to Foothill. Turn right on Foothill and drive past Glendora Ave. Start looking to your left and after a couple of short blocks, you'll see the La Fetra center. Turn (left) and park behind the center or across the street.
From the 210 Freeway Westbound: Exit at Lone Hill. Take Lone Hill North to Foothill. (Alernately, you might wish to turn left at Alosto / Rte. 66 and take a different route North to Foothill.) At Foothill, turn left. Proceed on Foothill past Lorraine, continuing past Cullen. The La Fetra Center is about 1 block further on down Foothill, on your right. Turn right, and park behind the Center or across the street.
From the 57 Freeway: Exit at Auto Center Drive. Turn left on to Auto Center Drive. Turn right at Lone Hill and proceed as above from the 210 Westbound.

Knights of Columbus

From the 210 Freeway: Exit at Lone Hill. Turn north on Lone Hill.
From the 57 Freeway: Exit at Auto Center Drive. Turn left onto Auto Center Drive. Turn right at Lone Hill.
Once you get to Lone Hill: Continue northward for 1/2 mile. Turn right on Route 66. The Knights of Columbus will be on the right hand side of the road. Park on the street, or behind the Whiting Building next door.

The Monthly Individual ("Bridge41")

The individual game is a multi-site affair, so be sure to check this site before the game to find out where the next game will be held.
Directions to Tom's: From I-10, exit at Central Avenue. Go south about 3 miles. After you cross Mission Blvd, take the left turn at the second traffic signal, which is Phillibs Blvd. Then take the first right, Vernon Ave. Evergreen CT is the second street on the left. Tom's place is on the southeast corner. From CA-60, take the Central Avenue off ramp, then go north. Turn right on Francis Street, then left on Vernon avenue. Evergreen CT is the second streen on the right.
Directions to Clint's: From the 210 Freeway, exit at Towne Avenue. Go north a bit to Baseline, then turn right (east). Proceed on Baseline to Mountain (the one in Claremont, NOT the one in Upland!) and turn right. Then an immediate right onto Huron. If you cross over the 210 again, you just missed Huron. 851 is almost to the end of the street.
Directions to Penny's: WARNING! Do not trust your GPS on this one. It will likely take you to Covina instead of San Dimas. Trust me!
From the 57 Freeway, exit on Via Verde. Head west on Via Verde unless you plan to visit Raging Waters. Proceed down the hill. At the bottom of the hill is a traffic signal; that's Puente Street. Turn left, then wind up the road past a wooded area. 948 will be the second house on the right after the wooded area.

La Fetra offers a variety of lessons at the Knights of Columbus site:
Unfortunately, although they were well received by the participants, the Wednesday lessons have been suspended due to low participation. We are looking into resuming ... some time, some place. Stay tuned.

Results of Bridge41 (the Individual) Club Games

Note that Bridge41, like all clubs, is entitled to two off-sanction, masterpoint-paying games per year. Those games, which aren't necessarily Individual games, are also listed here.

Results of the monthly individual game at Bridge41:

2018-19 Championship Standings

The results of the Individual are tabulated (using a very strange formula, I might add) to produce a single, overall Grand Champion. The results for the past year are now in. In order of finish, the top 5 were:
Congratulations to all, and good luck in the coming year!

Results of La Fetra Club Games

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