Unit Games at Unit 551

Once per month, Unit 551 holds its Unit Game. We hold Unit games at the Knight of Columbus hall in Glendora. The address is 2024 Rte 66, Glendora.

A Unit game is just like a club game, but it pays better master points.
Game time will be 11:00 a.m. We do not serve lunch, but there are always plentiful snacks available. Coffee is free, and sodas and water are available for a nominal charge.

The entry fee for Unit games is $7 per person, except when the game is a STaC, in which case it is $9.

The Unit's Board of Directors meets before each game at 10:15 a.m. Anyone is welcome to sit in and listen, and Unit members are entitled to speak on the various issues which are discussed. Do you have a suggestion? Or, perhaps, a complaint? This is the forum where you may be heard!

Schedule of upcoming Unit games:

Directions to the Unit game site:
From the 210 Freeway: Exit at Lone Hill. Turn north on Lone Hill.
From the 57 Freeway: Exit at Auto Center Drive. Turn left onto Auto Center Drive. Turn right at Lone Hill.
Once you get to Lone Hill: Continue northward for 1/2 mile. Turn right on Route 66. The Knights of Columbus will be on the right hand side of the road. Park on the street, or behind the Whiting Building next door.

Directions to the site of the April 15 game:
Somehow, get to Mountain Avenue in Ontario. How your get there is up to you.
The site of the game - Inland Christian Home - is between Francis St. to the North, and Philadelphia Street to the South. It is East of Magnolia, and West of Mountain Ave. The address is 1950 South Mountain Ave.
Please refer to the map of the complex (there's a link on the Home Page.)
It will be easiest if you enter from Ramona. Use the southern entrance, as the northern entrance requires a gate code. You can get in from Mountain, you just have to follow the driveway around a bit more.
The Friendship Center is highlighted in pink; visitor parking is highlighted in green.
If you get lost, Tom will try to answer his phone ... but just before the game, he tends to get rather busy! So try not to arrive at the last minute.

Special Events

FREE Lessons: Roger Boyar will be conducting lessons every Wednesday, at La Fetra. Start time is 9:00, and the lesson will wrap up by noon. The topic (for the time being) will be "Play of the Hand." Pre-registration is not required, but since space is limited, that might not be a bad idea!
NOTE: There will be a small (arouind $4 or less) charge for materials.

LONGEST DAY: La Fetra will be hosting a Longest Day event on Friday, June 23. This game is in support of the Alzheimer's Association, and all proceeds go to that. Even the Director works for nothing. (Well, he's well worth it.)

OVER-UNDER Event (a.k.a "Pro-Am")
Unit 559 (Pasadena-San Gabriel) is holding an Over-Under event on Sunday, July 23, at the Bridge Center in Arcadia. They are especially interested in having "Unders" - non-Life-Masters with fewer than 500 masterpoints - participate. See their FLYER for details.

Results of Unit Games

The Unit Game results are also available via ACBL Live-for-Clubs.

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